Natural rose quartz gua sha stone

Obecnie brak na stanie
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Natural Gua Sha Stone is rose quartz, which is called the stone of love and sometimes the stone of happiness.

Regular gua stone massage guarantees:

improving facial contour,

reduces wrinkles,

improving skin elasticity,

reduced bruising and swelling.


Perform the massage on well-cleaned skin. Apply a few drops of your oil serum or facial oil to your face to help the stone glide better over your skin. Repeat each movement up to 10 times.

1. Start the treatment from the neck. Make gentle movements from your collarbones up your neck.

2. Place the stone with the indentation on the chin and slide it along the jaw towards the earlobe.

3. The next element is the cheeks - massage upwards and outwards, from the nose towards the ear.

4. Massage the skin under the eyes from the inner corner of the eye towards the ear, doing it very gently.

5. The final stage is the forehead. Start from the center (the point between the eyebrows) and move the stone towards the hairline.

Wash the stone under running water and liquid.

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