Radioskin soothing and regenerating cream

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Radioskin is a cream with a unique composition for irritated and dry skin, including after radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

It supports the regeneration process by intensive oiling and moisturizing of the skin.

The cream is suitable for all skin types.



Panthenol has a moisturizing effect, soothes irritation, regenerates, gives the skin softness and elasticity.

Allantoin soothes, moisturizes, soothes and accelerates the regeneration of the skin giving it a supple and velvety appearance.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, responsible for its proper hydration.

Almond oil regenerates, perfectly moisturizes and softens the epidermis.

Olive oil accelerates regeneration and provides a moisturizing feeling to the skin.

Licorice extract soothes and alleviates irritation.

Brown algae extract accelerates epidermis regeneration and has nourishing properties.

Calendula extract soothes irritations by reducing erythema and redness.

Kark cane extract exhibits an emollient, beautifying and smoothing effect.

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