Women's wigs

Natural and synthetic - Women's wigs

Women's wigs are divided into two as natural hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Those produced from real hair can be shaped with tongs, straighteners and hair dryers. Coloring can also be done in the same way. Those produced from synthetic hair may not be as resistant to these processes as those produced from real hair. However, there are also products labeled heat-resistant, and you can choose them.

They are also divided into several types depending on how they are used. There are varieties such as pony wig, fringe, ombre, hairpiece, rasta. One of the most popular is the ponytail hairpiece.

Modern women's wigs

It has a buckle and elastic band on it, so it adapts to the hair. Nowadays, modern women's ombre wigs, which start with natural colors from the bottom and continue with a slight brightening of color toward the ends, are among the most preferred than straight colored wigs. In addition, the only way to apply bangs without cutting the hair is with a wig fringe. There are snaps on the artificial fringe, and it is quite simple to remove and put on.

How to choose the color of the wig?

However, women's wigs, yellow, lilac, pink, etc. is a product in which you can find many color tones such as. If you want to escape for a while from the hair color you consider ordinary, this will be the best way to change your style without risk. A very successful image can be achieved by choosing the right color for your skin tone.

There are three different production methods: handmade, machine-made and medical. The handmade ones are created by crocheting one by one, and the density of the hair is less than the machine-made ones. If fuller hair is desired, machine-made ones may be preferred.

Women's wigs after chemotherapy

The model commonly preferred by cancer patients after chemotherapy are medical wigs. One of their most important features is that the hair can be used in all directions. Natural women's wigs, to those made of real hair can be done with all kinds of hair treatments. It can also be gathered back, as it gives the appearance of a real scalp. Thanks to its special structure, it does not cause reactions such as itching and sweating.

In recent years, tulle wigs have also become very popular. It is obtained by working strands of hair one by one on tulle. In this way, the real scalp is visible through the tulle. Since the tulle used is very thin, the natural appearance of the hair can be achieved.

In addition, the wig is a product that can be specifically produced for men. There are many types starting from one centimeter to the desired length. Those shorter than one centimeter will expose the inner material, so denser hair is sought. For the most varied models of wigs, visit Nachemia.

Women's wigs

Wig models blended with different colors and models also attract people's attention. Women's wig models can be found on our website for our valued customers. With our synthetic models, you can choose the model you are interested in from the models with real hair and order it through our website. Especially with the different forms of models, people will be able to use the most suitable model for them. It is worth saying that the models are suitable for all face shapes.

Determining the color and length of hair suitable for you are two different points that are enough to order a wig. Our models of women's wigs are also met with great interest by patients undergoing chemotherapy. It can also be said that people can easily use these models to boost self-confidence.

Thanks to its easy use, there is no possibility of the wig falling or slipping off. Thanks to the materials used, it fits perfectly on the head. Likewise, it is possible for people to reveal their own style with different lengths. It can be said that not only with long-term use, but also people who are allergic to hair dye can use wigs. In the case of gray hair, wigs come to the rescue of hair dyes that cannot be used due to allergies. With wigs that will always have the same color, there will be no need to pay extra money for hair dye. Our models of women's wigs change according to demand.

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