Hair serum

A hair serum with the unique ingredient Anargy, which nourishes and protects hair and aids in the reactivation of hair roots, resulting in thicker hair. Anargy is a plant-derived ingredient that extends the active growth phase of the hair, thereby inhibiting hair loss and strengthening hair. In addition, it activates the internal detoxification mechanism, which cleanses and nourishes the hair root and promotes the reactivation of hair roots.

Hair growth serums - Individually or in a set.

We offer ready-made sets of cosmetics to complete the full treatment. They include two bottles with a stimulant rub. We also encourage you to purchase sets consisting of 1 package of a preparation for hair growth and a scalp scrub with sea buckthorn. Want to supplement your hair loss treatment? We also sell hair growth serums individually.

Chemotherapy causes the scalp to require special care. Because the sebaceous glands produce less protective sebum, the scalp becomes dry. A side effect of treatment is also the destruction of healthy, rapidly dividing cells in the scalp, which contributes to partial or complete baldness. We are unable to inhibit these processes, but once the treatment is completed, we can improve the conditions of the follicles on the scalp through the use of properly selected preparations for growth and reduction of hair loss.

Hair loss rub for men and women

Our online store offers cosmetics that can be used both by people struggling with alopecia as a complication after cancer treatment and resulting from other causes. The hair growth and hair loss serum available from us was created on the basis of natural plant extracts of turnip, burdock, horsetail, nettle and fenugreek. The active compounds contained in the extracts are said to have an effect on strengthening and regenerating the hair follicles. In addition, the offered hair growth formula for men and women is enriched with moisturizers and niacin, or vitamin B3.

How to use the hair growth rub?

The products we offer have been placed in handy bottles, which are equipped with a practical pipette. It allows for precise dosage of the hair growth and hair loss hair rub. Remember that this is not a serum for the ends, but for the scalp. Apply one scoop of the product directly to the scalp and gently massage the hair serum in circular motions. Do not rinse off the rub until 5 hours later. A full treatment includes the use of 2 bottles of the product. In order to maintain the effect, the hair rub can also be used after the treatment once every two weeks.

Scientific studies prove that hair becomes thicker and stronger.

In-vitro studies have confirmed the effectiveness of:

internal detoxification mechanism

UVB protection

growth stimulation by prolonging the anagen phase of hair growth

increase vascularization and nutrition of hair roots

reactivation and revitalization of hair follicle development

In-vivo studies (20 volunteers, 17 women and 3 men aged 21-62 with baldness problem rubbed liquid with 1% Anargy into the scalp once a day for 150 days) proved:

up to 21,480 new hairs on the entire scalp in 150 days

up to 23% increase in hair density after just 45 days

76% less hair falling out when combing and washing

reactivation of hair follicles

stronger and denser hair

The hair growth serum also contains plant extracts and vitamin B3 to help rebuild and regenerate hair.


Anargy - N.benthamiana, cleanses, nourishes and regenerates hair to promote hair growth

Zemea propanediol - a moisturizing substance

Glycerin - moisturizing substance

Niacinamide - vitamin B3, improves hair volume

Fenugreek extract - nourishes hair

Nettle and horsetail extract - regenerates, strengthens hair

Burdock extract - rebuilds hair, inhibits the process of hair loss

Turnip extract - prevents hair loss, nourishes hair roots



Zemea propanediol

Vegetable glycerin


Fenugreek extract

Nettle and horsetail extract

Sodium benzoate

Burdock extract

Turnip extract

Sensicare C3000


Massocare T20

Citric acid

Mint essential oil

Orange essential oil

A hair growth serum that, thanks to its unique formula and Anargy plant ingredient, reactivates hair follicles, extends the hair growth phase, reduces hair loss, promotes growth and strengthens and nourishes hair.

internal detoxification of the hair

cleansing and nourishing the roots

reactivation of hair bulbs and revitalization of hair follicles

prolongation of the active phase of hair growth

inhibits hair loss and promotes hair regrowth and restoration

hair is nourished, thick and strong

Anargy is a non-GMO plant-based ingredient

action confirmed by scientific studies

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