Natural hair care kit

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Nachemia's hair care kit contains:

Natural Shampoo "FOR BEAUTY HAIR".

Natural Conditioner "FOR BEAUTY HAIR"

Active Hair Growth Stimulating Serum.

In the set you save!


Natural Shampoo "For Beauty Hairy" is recommended for all skin types, especially those in need of stimulation and restoration of vitality. Extract of macha tea acts as an antibacterial and antiseptic, in addition, it refreshes and tones the scalp. It helps fight dandruff and inhibits the development of inflammation. The shampoo has a stimulating effect on hair growth. 

Natural Conditioner "For Beauty Hair" imparts moisture to the hair, additionally smoothing and nourishing. 

A leave-in spray conditioner that nourishes, smooths and adds shine. 

The delicate citrus scent adds freshness. 

Active Hair Growth Stimulating Serum:

-accelerates hair growth,

-reduces hair loss,

-strengthens hair,

-new hairs all over the scalp,

-laboratorily tested for effectiveness.

A comprehensive set of cosmetics that will make you enjoy healthy and beautiful long hair. The shampoo and conditioner is a line of cosmetics that complements the Active Hair Growth Stimulating Serum(the shampoo cleanses the skin so that the serum can be better absorbed, while the conditioner nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens the skin and hair).

The shampoo will cleanse the scalp and prepare it for the application of the serum. The serum will accelerate hair growth and reduce hair loss, while the conditioner will smooth and nourish hair at the ends. Nachemia's cosmetics are distinguished by their natural composition, action confirmed by laboratory tests and beautiful, original packaging. When ordering from us you can expect a beautifully packaged package, making our cosmetic sets suitable as gifts.

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