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Face serum

Formulated for fine lines and wrinkles, this serum provides a highly effective anti-aging effect. 

The Nachemia Active Serum contains super ingredients that firm, smooth and add radiance to the skin. Here they are: 

EPS SEAFILL- A unique, natural, high-purity ExoPolysaccharide (EPS). An anti-aging substance with immediate action. Within 15 minutes, it tightens the skin correcting crow's feet and evening out unevenness. The appropriate molecular weight provides a special affinity for the skin and interesting surface properties when it comes to filling wrinkles.

Face serums - Cosmetic effects

  • Stimulation of collagen & elastin synthesis.
  • Tightening effect on the collagen network.
  • Immediate smoothing effect (15 min)
  • Immediate anti-wrinkle effect (15 min)

Serum for eyelashes and eyebrows

Active serum for eyelashes and eyebrows is the second cosmetic from the emerging line of NACHEMIA cosmetics. We will introduce you to three ingredients , which make the serum unique and effective. NACHEMII eyebrow and eyelash growth serum is a unique product, which is distinguished by its natural composition, up to 97% natural ingredients.

Eyelash serums - Research proves

  • 100% of the participants in the study noticed better condition of their eyelashes,
  • 100% of survey participants noted better condition of eyebrows while using the serum
  • 90% of respondents noticed that after using the serum their eyelashes became stronger, were more enhanced
  • 80% noted eyelash lengthening, new hair growth and thicker lashes
  • 70% of respondents reported that the serum stimulated eyebrow growth
  • 80% of study participants confirmed that eyebrows and eyelashes became more moisturized

Hair growth serum

Our online store offers cosmetics that can be used both by people struggling with alopecia as a complication after oncological treatment and resulting from other causes.

The hair growth and hair loss serum available from us was created on the basis of natural plant extracts of turnip, burdock, horsetail, nettle and fenugreek. The active compounds contained in the extracts are said to have an effect on strengthening and regenerating the hair follicles. In addition, the offered hair growth formula for men and women has been enriched with moisturizers and niacin, or vitamin B3.

Scientific studies confirm

  • Up to 22,000 new hairs on the entire scalp in 150 days
  • Up to 23% increase in hair density after just 45 days
  • 76% less hair loss with combing and washing

Hair Cosmetics

Nachemii contributes to healthy shine, growth and excellent protection of your hair from external factors with a wide range of hair care products. In addition, Nachemii combines reliable hair care products with affordable prices, and you can choose to your heart's content. All the ingredients you need to create a hair care routine at home, without having to spend time and money in beauty salons, are waiting for you at Nachemii. Natural hair care products such as hair serum or hair mask, hair shampoos or hair conditioners that you can use in your bathroom have their place in Nachemia with the most favorable campaigns and prices. If you want cosmetic hair products, enjoying the privilege of a wide range of products, secure payment methods and, of course, fast delivery process, you can order online at Nachemia immediately.

Beauty products for the skin

Skin care is not only about looking good, but also about having healthy skin. In addition to environmental and genetic influences, factors such as stress can also cause aging or deterioration of the skin. The appearance of the skin is an indicator of the body's health. Obliterating the traces of all these negative effects and having healthy skin is possible with skin care products. There are countless products that you can add to your skin care routine. You can create the right skin care routine, taking into account factors such as your age, sensitivity level and skin type. Getting positive results in a short period of time is possible when you regularly use cosmetic products that you can choose for your daily skin care routine.

Cosmetics for eyebrows and eyelashes

All parts of the face such as the mouth, nose, eyes, cheekbones, eyebrows and eyelashes make up the expression. Their shape and location on the face affect your posture and the impression you leave on others. For this reason, people use various natural or medical facial interventions to increase participation and feel good about themselves. Eyebrow and eyelash serum types allow people to adjust facial expressions at home with their own means. It is particularly used to fill in and smooth the sparse structure of eyebrows using natural ingredients. It is often made from oils extracted from plant extracts and various nuts. It is created by mixing in certain proportions various oils that have a proven stimulating effect on hair follicles. In this way, the extracts, whose effects increase, work on the areas of the face where the hair groups are located. When we apply a small cotton swab or brush to the eyebrows, the oil applied to the cheek or nose does not cause hair growth. Nevertheless, it shows an effect in the eyebrows in a short period of time. For this reason, types of eyebrow and eyelash serums consist of extracts that stimulate and strengthen the roots and send growth signals to them. Transparent and instantly absorbed products can be used instead of mascara even on a daily basis. Especially for those who don't want to use mascara, eyelash serums are on the recommendation lists. It detangles lashes and provides intensive care for each lash. At the same time, it creates a long, full and stylish look, moving away from the complicated look. For this reason, serums in particular, which are instantly absorbed in aqueous form, are used for beauty as well as grooming. The products, which are not harmed by contact with the sun, can be used thanks to their natural effect instead of makeup materials, which cause difficulties especially in the summer. You can have combed and full eyelashes all day long without having to constantly refresh your makeup due to runoff and distraction. It leaves a combed and smooth effect without the need for different filler products. It is quickly absorbed from the roots and pores of the skin, and shows its effect with the first use. You can also browse cosmetic eyelash and muscle care products from Nachemia for a pleasing look.

Women's wigs

People may sometimes want to make changes to their current photos. The reasons for this can be very different. Wigs are used for reasons such as hair loss due to health problems (after chemotherapy) or natural causes, unsatisfactory results of a hairdressing procedure, the desire to rehearse before making a radical image change, aesthetic use in branches of the arts such as theater/cinema. A wig is one of the most practical materials to recommend to someone who wants to change their hair for any reason. It does not create a permanent change, so it is easy to return. In terms of application and use, there are many types that can be preferred depending on your needs. People may experience hair loss during certain periods of life. In such cases, it is very important to feel comfortable in some way. One way to do this is through the use of wigs. Being mentally healthy is as important as being physiologically healthy. The fact that people like their appearance and feel good about themselves also affects their mental health. Aesthetic concerns sometimes affect a person's self-confidence and shape their perspective on life. At this point, it can be said that a wig is a need, not just an accessory like hair clips, glasses, etc.

Models of turbans and caps

Hair loss after chemotherapy is a disturbing effect for all women. After such a situation, we can resort to various methods to refresh our self-confidence. One of them can be the use of a turban or cap. With the variety of colorful turbans and headbands, it is much easier to get a style that will improve your mood. For those who don't prefer women's wig models, turbans and hats are a big advantage because of their more affordable and cheaper prices. You can choose the one that suits your taste by examining our models of turbans and hats in different colors and models.

A store for women that was created out of the need of the heart

Welcome to you to the NaChemii store, the foundation of which is based on my own experience with oncology treatment.

We have a contract with the National Health Service for wigs and breast prostheses. In addition, you will find post-surgical bras, bras for amazons, turbans, natural cosmetics, clothing, headbands, jewelry.

Call and make an appointment and we will be just for you.

+48 730 568 678

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