The goal of our business is to make every woman feel beautiful and special, regardless of her health condition. Fighting cancer brings with it unpleasant consequences in the form of excessive hair loss. The selection of a suitable wig can help, but for those who do not want to use this type of headgear, we offer an excellent alternative. These are chemotherapy head scarves made of pleasant to the touch, breathable materials. To sew the turbans we used fabrics that should not irritate sensitive skin. The scarves will work well for sleeping, as well as at work or when meeting with friends.

Turban after chemotherapy - simple or covered with patterns?

We encourage you to explore the assortment gathered in this category of our online store, among which you will find handmade scarves for people after chemotherapy for sleeping and more. Basic colors and simple cuts are available, as well as original designs, so every woman will be able to choose the perfect turban for her styling. We offer covers made of fabrics decorated with romantic flowers, fancy patterns or prints of geometric shapes. Do you prefer timeless classics? With us you will find models for sleeping or walking every day in neutral colors. A chemotherapy headscarf in a versatile shade of brown, gray or soft pastels is an excellent choice for ladies of any beauty type.

Wear them the way you like

The products available in our offer not only look beautiful, but are also very comfortable during use, so they are also great for sleeping. Turbans do not put pressure on the head, because we have made them from stretchable materials. We have provided each offer with a detailed description, in which we give the dimensions of the product, so you can easily match the right model.

Veils for people after chemotherapy can be worn in different ways. Those with decorations can be worn, exposing the decorative detail on the side or center of the head. We have equipped selected headgear with airy sashes that can be tied in a bow at the back. If you need a turban for sleeping, pay attention to smooth models without decorations.

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