Face serum

Face serum is an indispensable tool nowadays, when more and more people are looking for effective solutions for comprehensive skin care. This advanced cosmetic serum is designed to give your skin everything it needs to look healthy and beautiful.

The face serum is an intensely concentrated product, enriched with a wealth of nutrients and active ingredients. Thanks to its light, non-greasy texture, the serum is quickly absorbed and penetrates the skin, providing instant refreshment and hydration.

Regardless of your skin type - dry, oily, combination or sensitive - the facial serum is tailored to suit different skin needs. It can be used both in the morning and in the evening, as an additional step in your skin care routine, before applying a moisturizer.

Restore your skin's youthful appearance and stunning beauty with this advanced facial serum. Include it in your daily skin care routine and enjoy the healthy, radiant skin you deserve!

Time to get rid of facial wrinkles

Your skin is one of the important points to pay attention to in order to have both a healthier life and a more well-groomed appearance. 

With facial serums that brighten your skin, you can give your skin a brighter appearance. This way, you can spend the day with bright and healthy skin without even having to wear makeup, and you can admire those around you. After giving the necessary attention to facial care, your skin will help you be more energetic. 

How often do you use a face serum?

Facial serums support the skin primarily because of the vitamins they contain. One of the most important features is that it is very effective on sun spots. Its anti-aging side is one of the most preferred reasons. 

In fact, it is recommended to apply it twice a day. These should be in the morning and in the evening. The quality of the face serum you use is a reference to the frequency of its application. 

The Nachemia Active Serum contains super ingredients that firm, smooth and add radiance to the skin. Here they are:

EPS SEAFILL- A unique, natural, high-purity ExoPolysaccharide (EPS). An anti-aging substance with immediate action. Within 15 minutes, it tightens the skin correcting crow's feet and evening out unevenness. The appropriate molecular weight provides a special affinity for the skin and interesting surface properties when it comes to filling wrinkles.

Cosmetic effects:

Stimulation of collagen & elastin synthesis.

Tightening effect of collagen network.

Immediate smoothing effect (15 min).

Immediate anti-wrinkle effect (15 min).

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Orchistem- orchid stem cells to support and improve communication between skin stem cells and fibroblasts, giving a global rejuvenating effect. Lifts the upper eyelid and gives an open-eye effect, refreshing the appearance. Restores the skin's youthful radiance. Plant Stem Cell Technology.

Superox-C - extract from the Australian kakadu plum, which is the richest source of vitamin C and polyphenols in the plant world. Stimulates pro-collagen-l and hyaluronic acid synthesis, smooths wrinkles, lightens discoloration. Cacao plum extract dramatically increases the bioavailability of vitamin C.

Propanediol (Zemea) - an ingredient of natural origin, obtained from corn kernels, strongly moisturizing, promoter of penetration of active substances into the skin.

Super Fruit Blend-including goi, coffee, acai, noni, pomegranate and Chinese tea extracts. Each of these ingredients has many beneficial properties for the skin, as well as a high antioxidant content.

Mini HA hyaluronic acid - (very small particle size - less than 10 Kda, obtained by enzymatic degradation with hyaluronidase)- is the form of hyaluronic acid that best penetrates the stratum corneum of the skin due to its very small particle size. It does not contain preservatives. It has a restorative effect on damaged cells. In addition, it has strong hygroscopic properties (ability to bind water in the deep layers of the skin). 

Niacinamide, a derivative of vitamin B3, is widely used in cosmetology. This ingredient is very well tolerated even by sensitive skin. It has a soothing, moisturizing effect, strengthens the protective barrier, reduces erythema, has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

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Directions for use: apply the serum to cleansed facial skin. Gently massage in and wait 30 minutes for the effect.

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