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Hair growth stimulating serum - a product intended for men who want to stimulate the growth and thickness of their hair. Thanks to its unique composition with natural ingredients, the serum deeply nourishes the hair, strengthens it and restores its healthy appearance. Its light formula is easily absorbed into the scalp, leaving no greasy film.


An old product in a new graphic version! Active Hair Serum now available in a navy blue bottle and box. The same recipe, the same action, but a new, masculine, navy blue look.

Quantity is limited!

The serum should be used after washing on still damp hair or 4-5 hours before washing. Spread one scoop of the pipette all over the head and then gently massage the head so that the product is better absorbed.

PROPERTIES of the ingredients of the active hair serum

N.benthamiana - cleanses, nourishes and regenerates hair, supporting its growth

Zemea propanediol – moisturizing substance

Glycerin – a moisturizing substance

Niacinamide – vitamin B3, improves hair volume

Fenugreek extract – nourishes hair

Nettle and horsetail extract – regenerates and strengthens hair

Burdock extract – rebuilds hair, inhibits hair loss

Turnip extract – prevents hair loss, nourishes hair bulbs

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the serum?

Apply one pipette measure evenly over the entire scalp and then massage in. Apply the serum to the scalp, not to the hair! The serum should not be rinsed off, it takes about 5 hours for the active ingredients to be absorbed.

How often to use the serum?

The serum can be used even every two or three days, after washing your hair or 5 hours before washing it.

Can men use the serum?

Yes, the serum is intended for women and men.

Is the serum only intended for cancer patients?

No, the serum can be used by all people struggling with slow hair growth or poor hair condition.

Can the serum be used by people with alopecia areata?

The active serum is not a drug and may not give the desired results if you have severe hair loss problems. We recommend visiting a doctor and using the serum as an adjunct, not as a final treatment.

When can you see the first effects of using the serum?

The first effects are visible after about a month of regular use of the serum, but it depends on the general condition of the body and the cause of hair loss.

What next after the treatment is finished?

The full treatment consists of two packages of serum. The best results are seen after 5 months of use. After this time, you can stop using the serum or use it once every 2 weeks to maintain the condition of your hair.

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