Comprehensive serum set - 2x for hair + eyelashes and eyebrows

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NACHEMII kit includes:

two packs of Active serum to stimulate hair growth, or full treatment,

Active serum for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Cosmetics from the NACHEMII line are characterized by natural composition and research confirming the effectiveness of the ingredients.

In a set it pays off more!

Serum for eyelashes and eyebrows valid until the end of 05.2024.


Turbo dose of super ingredients! Active hair growth stimulating serum is the HIT of Nachemia! Many satisfied customers, a whole page of photos with results speaks for itself 

Anargy is a unique ingredient of the serum, effectiveness confirmed by studies:

up to 22,000 new hairs on the entire scalp in 150 days,

up to 23% increase in hair density in just 45 days,

76% less hair loss with combing and washing,

reactivation of hair follicles.

Active serum for eyelashes and eyebrows is a new product from the NACHEMIA cosmetics line. In the composition you will find 3 unique ingredients, whose effectiveness is also confirmed by studies:

Baicapil-reduces loss of eyelashes and eyebrows, stimulates growth, restores strong and healthy appearance.

Keratrix-protects eyelashes and eyebrows from negative external factors, strengthens eyelashes and eyebrows along their entire length.

Aquaxyl-hydrates and rebuilds the cuticle around eyelashes and eyebrows, gives shine to hair. 

Research confirms:

-100% of study participants noticed better condition of eyelashes,

-100% of study participants noted better condition of eyebrows while using the serum,

-90% of study participants noted that after using the serum their eyelashes became stronger, were more enhanced,

-80% noted eyelash lengthening, new hair growth and thicker eyelashes,

-70% of subjects declared that the serum stimulated eyebrow growth,

-80% of study participants confirmed that eyebrows and eyelashes became more moisturized,

-80% of study participants noted that their eyelashes became more resistant to shedding after using the serum,

-70% of study participants declared a visible improvement in the structure of eyebrows and eyelashes, the hairs became more flexible and shiny. 

Tested eyelash growth in study participants after 12 weeks was more than 20% more!

Tested eyelash growth in study participants after 12 weeks was more than 1cm more!

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